Jun 27, 2009

The Budos Band: New EP

From the vaults of Daptone Records comes a collection of unreleased tracks from the infamous Budos Band. Recorded after The Budos Band I sessions, but before those for the second full-length, The Budos Band EP is a fascinating glimpse into the group's evolution as musicians and recording artists.

Listeners may be familiar with two songs previously released and universally recognized as “Budos classics." “The Proposition," a hit single released on 7-inch by Daptone Records, incorporates the style, now known worldwide as Budos swing, responsible for drawing so many a listener onto the sweaty dancefloor. “Mas O Menos," included on the band's smash album, The Budos Band II, exemplifies the group's feel for soul with its infectious bass, tightly intertwined guitar and organ, and soaring horns.

“Smoke Gets In," created on the anniversary of the six hundred sixty-sixth rotation of the Budonian lunar calendar, finds the band returning to its dusty roots, and it is both sonically and literally otherworldly. The psycho-tropic venom found on The Budos Band II may have originated in this very session.

The Budos Band EP is a must-have for Budos and Daptone fans alike. It stands as a vital account of the band's movement between musical styles and records a singular moment in the group's existence. It will indeed stand the test of time and remain a bedrock of Budos lore.


Generally speaking, if you like The Budos Band I and II, you surely gonna like this stuff as well, therefore, I just can recommend it to everyone outside there interested in some powerful tones ...


1. Hidden Hand
2. Mas O Menos
3. The Proposition
4. Ephra
5. Nobody's Bulletproof
6. Smoke Gets In
7. Bonus Track

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