May 6, 2016

From Tanzania: Sunburst – Ave Africa

Strut is extremely proud to present a definitive collection of recordings from one of Tanzania’s most revered but short-lived bands of the 1970s, Sunburst. Covering their entire output from 1973 to 1976, this first retrospective features music from their 45 RPM singles “Moto Moto” and “TFC,” as well as their sole album, Ave Africa, and an unreleased radio session recorded in Tanzania in 1973.

Sunburst was formed in 1970 by Zairean guitarist Hembi Flory Kongo who recruited resident drummer Johnny “Rocks” Fernandes, bass player Bashir Idi Farhan and organist / vocalist Kassim Magati. They were soon joined by Zambian-born lead singer James Mpungo.

Having developing their sound via covers-heavy live performances and a string of early singles, Sunburst’s sole LP came out at a time when Zambia was enjoying a stream of releases by bands that would now be considered icons of Zamrock such as Witch, Ngozi Family, Musi-O-Tunya and The Blackfoot. The sleeve text described the Sunburst sound as “a fusion of the traditional sounds of Africa with Western Rock, spiced with a piece of the Caribbean” but the intricacies of the Kitoto Sound that Sunburst had crafted for years peaked on this recording. Band members born in six different countries were tapping into a multitude of influences, styles, languages and stories. “We try to compose songs that have a bearing to the situation we live in,” James Mpungo recounted at the time. “Our songs are songs that support freedom struggles, songs that encourage peasants and workers to work harder, songs in praise of our leaders. We also sing a lot of songs criticizing our people for allowing themselves to be too westernized and throwing away their traditional values. And above all, we preach love and happiness!”

Ave Africa: The Kitoto Sound Of East Africa 1973-1976 is the result of over three years of research by compilers DJ Thomas Gesthuizen and Dave Tinning and comes out 24th June on 2xCD, 2xLP (w. CD included) & digital formats. Stream the track “Simba Anguruma” below. Pre-orders are available here and now.
Strut Records


A1 Kitoto Sound
A2 Ukuti Ukuti
A3 Ba Motoka Na Castle
A4 Kamungulwe
A5 Your Day Will Come
A6 Ani Uni
B1 Wakulu Wa Kuno
B2 We Need Each Other
B3 Alhamdullilahi
B4 Ntambwa
B5 How Can I Get To You
B6 Ave Africa

Apr 29, 2016

From Argentina: El Gran Capitán Afrobeat (for free)

Unfortunately cannot find any information, not even a biography in Spanish! But still worth to listen to...

Get their three EPs rightaway here!

Mar 24, 2016

900th post - From Netherlands: Umoja - Je-Ka-Lo! (for free)

First of all, Umoja should not be mixed up with American band with similar name Umjoa Orchestra (or here) even though both of them are have an afrobeat influence in their music!


The sunshine duo from the rainy Netherlands, Umoja, is an organic evolution between two humble groove aficionados whose paths crossed over half a decade ago. They are dedicated to combine electronic productions with a perfect understanding of world rhythms. Their music presents an expression of their love for experimentation with African, South American and exotic traditions.

Umoja also functions as curator and initiator of the record labels Piri Piri & INI Movement. Their first release was "Je ka lo!", released in 2012 on INI Movement. Since back then, they have been putting out top quality music, always combining different genres and cultures. This voyage has taken the duo to gain support from great artists such as Sam Redmore, Feel My Bicep (Gilles Peterson WW set), Anthony Valadez, Jeremy Sole, iZem, Alma Negra, Batida, Funky Bompa, MPS Pilot and many more. They also have worked closely with organizations of international reputation like Akwaaba music and Sound & Collors magazine. Throughout the top productions and remixes, Umoja has delivered several musical treasures such as Bilongo Con Sandunga, Mo Fiya!, Danzi! (their latest release on Piri Piri) and La Piragua which have conquered the taste of followers from all over the planet. Since Umoja's music crosses borders and genres, they have released on some of the best record labels from all over the globe: Regional (Peru), Vida Records (Spain), Piri Piri (Fiji) and Mawimbi Records, Hot Casa (France), Carnibal (Greece), Sello Regional (Chile), INI Movement (NL) and Budabeats (Hungary).


Mar 18, 2016

From Chile: Newen Afrobeat -

Newen is the first Afrobeat Afrobeat Orchestra in Chile. Formed in 2009, it is the answer from this part of the planet to the style created by Fela Kuti. Afrobeat music Newen is the union of African tradition with Latin American musical heritage and this is reflected in the name that was baptized the band. "Newen" is a word taken from the Mapuche language, language of the Mapuche people, one of the main indigenous peoples of Chile. "Newen" means strength or spirit manifested in all things. Newen Afrobeat Afrobeat is then hard, with spirit.
As Fela Kuti said music is the weapon and this slogan is always present in the proposal Newen Afrobeat. His lyrics reflected the concerns of the younger generation who want to see a new world, a free world where we recognize that we have always been one. This message has echoed in the new generations of young Chileans who are no longer afraid to tell the truth, dancing and singing hard for freedom in the context of a society that is awakening.
Special mention deserves the power of their live show. Newen Afrobeat, rather than an orchestra, is a family looking for the genuine expression through music and dance. Today, this family consists of fifteen musicians. The high quality of their live show has led to important stages in the Chilean scene and major festivals like Lollapalooza Chile 2012 y Siempre Vivo Reggae 2013, among others.
2013, Newen live Afrobeat records his first self-titled album in Southern Studies and Research Triana, with our friend and engineer Gonzalo "Chalo" Gonzalez and assistant Jaime "Humitas" Garcia. On December 22 the same year, carried out the launch of this, the first album of Chilean Afrobeat, in the park Juan XXXIII, with a free concert and outdoor gathered more than 2,000 people of all ages .
This year 2015 are back from their first successful tour of Brazil in Sao Paulo. An experience that has approached closer to African roots and bands and DJs on the international circuit of Afrobeat such as Dj Tudo (Bra), Dj Mukambo (Belg), Bixiga 70 '(SP, Bra) and Abayomi (Rio de Janeiro) as also people and the massive feeling of enjoyment that gives this musical style. Return recharged to Chile premiering audiovisual production in its interpretation of "Upside Down", original Fela Kuti (1976), which has rapidly been heard and viralised on social networks with the recognition of Sandra Isadore, original singer of the theme, as well Duke Amayo (Bulletproof, USA) in Nigeria by the Kuti family and have recently met and strengthened ties of friendship and fraternity with Carlos Moore, official biographer of Fela Kuti. 


01. Santiago
02. Caminante
03. Rojo Carmin
04. Polvo de Inti
05. P.D.T.N.
06. Nacion Nueva
07. Que Sabemos

Mar 16, 2016

From Spain: Mampön Afrobeat - Mampön

MAMPÖN was born in March 2010 in Barcelona and since then it has been part of the Afrobeat scene of the city. The group has been performing in venues like Marula, Almodobar, Resistance, Underground, among many others. It participated in events such as El día de Fela, organized by the magazine Enlace Funk and DJ Floro from Radio 3, and the Afrobeat Allstars Barcelona, at the concerts venue Apolo 2.

Moreover, it has also collaborated on albums like La música es el arma del futuro (A tribute to Fela from Spanish Bands) with the theme Colonial Mentality, produced by the cultural association AfrobeatProject in collaboration with the magazine Enlace Funk and DJ Floro de Radio 3, and the compilation BLACKCELONA Vol.2 - Soul, funk & groove sounds from Barcelona with the unreleased song Bar Girl (Blackcelona).

In November 2015 Mampon has published its new album, with 8 new and original tracks that you can hear on this page.


01. Cosmic Cream
02. Bar Girl
03. Into The Jungle
04. King's Drama
05. Out
06. Stampede
07. Take Wine
08. Ultima

Mar 11, 2016

From Israel: Hoodna Afrobeat Orchestra - Let Go

Hoodna Afrobeat Orchestra, also known H.A.O, is an Israeli Afrobeat band from the south part of Tel-Aviv, formed in 2013. Inspired by the humming and clanging of carpentry and metal workshops.

Originally conceived as a traditional Afrobeat group, H.A.O quickly developed a far spikier sound, often played faster and more emphatically than many of their contemporaries. They have also proven adept at broadening their sound by incorporating influences from a variety of other genres. 


01. Boorekas Las Vegas
02. Let Go 03:43
03. Belomi Benna
04. Alemitu
05. Violence
06. Magiq Kiss
07. 5 am
08. Africa3
09. Tabu

Mar 10, 2016

From UK: The Sea Slugs - What’s Not Reflected

The Sea Slugs’ unique music is borne out of a collective condemnation of intolerance, a strong sense of solidarity with fellow humans, and a passion for the music of Fela Kuti. The result is a visceral, often turbulent sound with a subversive edge. The product of a wide array of musical influences and political and humanitarian motivations, The Sea Slugs’ contemporary take on Afrobeat is both potent and communicable; their sound and intent are indivisible.

The band adopted the name ‘The Sea Slugs’ in 2013, and have since been gigging and leading workshops across the country, taking in opportunities to work and share ideas with some renowned musicians, including percussionist Lekan Babalola and keyboard player in Fela Kuti’s Egypt 80 band, Dele Sosimi. These experiences helped shape the sound heard on The Sea Slugs’ debut album ‘What’s Not Reflected.’, recorded on December 5th 2013 and released the following spring.

The Sea Slugs’ second album, ‘Women, They Cause Fear’, recorded across one weekend in December 2014, sees the band take a huge step forward, forging a truly original sonic identity, and directing their musical ferocity at those in ‘power’ who disseminate intolerance, distrust and fear amongst their own people.  


The Sea Slugs’ unique music is borne out of a collective condemnation of intolerance, a strong sense of solidarity with fellow humans, and a passion for the music of Fela Kuti. The result is a visceral, often turbulent sound with a subversive edge, subjecting the listener to songs beyond a common pop structure. Every incorporated element is expressed through quantum musicality: big intros, melodies evocative of Jupiter, explorative improvisations and dynamic call and response to course through your veins. The product of a wide array of musical influences and political and humanitarian motivations, The Sea Slugs’ contemporary take on Afrobeat is both potent and communicable; their sound and intent are indivisible. 


01. Them Destroy My Home
02. Ignorance Of Altruism
03. Deluded Control
04. To The Banks Of The River Niger
05. Moments Of Oppression