Jul 13, 2009

Segun Damisa And The Afro-Beat Crusaders - Nigeria Dey Cry

A child of Kalakuta, Segun started his musical apprenticeship as a percussion player at a very young age, when he joined Fela’s Kalakuta community in the late seventies. Spending most of his teenage and early adult life in Fela’s kalakuta no doubt left an indelible mark on his life and musical career. He left Fela’s commune for a brief stint with King Sunny Ade during the period the Juju music maestro recorded his highly popular “Sweet Banana” and “My Dear” albums in Nigeria. In 1986, Femi Kuti after quitting his father’s Egypt 80 band, decided to carve his own knish in the afrobeat world by creating the group Positive Force. Segun Damisa joined this group as a founding member, the beginning of a career that would span a decade and half.

While with Femi Kuti, Segun was opportune to play alongside musical names in the business and privileged to travel world-wide where he acquired the exposure that would serve as a propelling force at the creation of his group Alkebu-lan in 2001 after he quit Femi Kuti’s Positive Force, and later Afrobeat Crusaders – a group he put together after moving base to Bordeaux in France 2004. After a series of concerts in and out of Bordeaux including opening for the North American Afrobeat Orchestra Antibalas, Segun took his Afrobeat crusaders into studio to record a nine title album in February/March 2006. Recorded at Chris Birkett’s studio, the guitarist/producer also played guitar solo on two of the tracks. Also featured in the album is Soul Makossa impresario Manu Dibango who played his alto sax solo on the song AIDS. The album produced by the tenor sax player of the group, Pierre Henry Vulliard (aka Speedy) for Arts Sciences Information is due for release early 2007.



01. Gari Good
02. Nigeria
03. Aids
04. Suffer Dey
05. Eshere
06. Alakitijon
07. Lailo
08. Ajeje
09. Percussions Interlude

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