Nov 6, 2009

Superkali - Superkali


Superkali plays Afrifunk: a distinctively organic, American take on the hypnotic poly-rythmic style of the godfather of Nigerian Afro-beat, Fela Kuti. Drawing on its members' collective backgrounds in funk, jazz, and world music, Superkali's original material burns a groove unlike any other band in the Northwest. If Fela Kuti, James Brown, and John Coltrane could of had a musical child together it would have been Superkali. Made up of professional touring veterans Tracy Ferrara on tenor saxophone (Swamp Mama Johnson) and Terrance Stearns on trombone (Spirit House), Cornish composer/guitarist Bill Patton, and the dynamic rythm section of L,.A.'s native Ross brothers (Stephan on bass and Rachman on drums), Superkali now reigns the Northwest music scene as a roaring lion of the cool groove school. Superkali's credo:


The Seattle Weekly writes, "A lot of bands who claim to fuse disparate musical infuences are big fat cheaters. Instead of actually synthesizing the different sounds into a coherent whole, they essentially just take turns slapping together cliched riffs from each....(This band) shows that it doesn't have to be this way....Superkali really do deliver a supercharged mixture of funk, Afro-beat, and jazz." (5/3/2001).



01. Daktari Walk 5:00
02. Seven 4:14
03. Fangus Fu 6:12
04. Eltsuhg Ibal Lasiti 4:15
05. Kids Eat Free 5:58
06. Angel Food 4:10
07. Downside Up 3:46
08. Lamont 2:44
09. Kudzu 5:34
10. F Train 4:16
11. Twelve Days 6:23

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