Mar 4, 2010

Matata - Air Fiesta

Matata which means fire in Kenya, offers an album to variations in local movements with some jazz, funk, even Psychadelic; with songs Mijikenda (tribes along the coasts of Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania &), Lingala ( Bantu language), Swahili (Bantu group of languages of East Africa) & English. The local instruments are the ngoma & syatiti accompanied by guitar, harp, etc. ..


1. Wild River (3:19)
2. Beautiful Burra (3:08)
3. Mayo mayo (3:18)
4. Jungle Warrior (2:15)
5. Wowo Woswo (2:29)
6. I need somebody (3:18)
7. Wanna do my thing (3:05)
8. Vujana Africa (3:42)
9. Picha Yako (2:30)
10. Mosala Tokosalaka (3:41)
11. You've gotta find me (2:32)
12. Maendeleo ya Kenya (3:29)


  1. bonjour ....ton blog est superbe mais je ne vois pas de lien ni de pass ? tu les fournis a la demande ? est ce possible de les avoir ? bonne journée !!!!

  2. Unfortunately I do not speak french, therefore respond in english ... concerning links or pass pls check out the disclaimer at the bottom of the page ... sorry!

  3. Hi, i've found a copy of this amazing record some days ago, but i have a doubt because i've noted some variations on the label like the missing "stereo" writing and other little differences.. the cover and the codes are identical to the pictures that you've posted here.. can you tell me if exist a reissue/bootleg made in the same year?