May 4, 2010

Christofolly and the Afro Beat Cookers - Afro Beat Rolling


Mr Man ChristoFolly! Author, composer, performer comes from West Africa. He is a percussionist and singer, member of Cafe-Cream, Smith Brothers, 'ABC' Afro Beat Coockers, Kare Mandingo, Lizard Wild, percussion and Fola Batakaly Arts. Born in the 70s to Lome in Togo, it has little slap on the drums with his friends, and they enlivened birthdays and funerals in the company of ballet groups in the neighborhood and surrounding areas.

At 17 years starting in Togo for a long journey to discover Africa and its culture that will take him 13 years of Benin in Nigeria and Cameroon through Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Mali Burkina Fasso yet ... where professional and amateur becoming friends with African music. It is 30 years since he arrived in France to pursue his musical adventure.

Self-educated, career Folly is not an "all done", indeed, from a family of "ordinary" or musicians or griots or off, school is one of the street, practice and the listening. Fela, Manu Dibango, Salif Keita, James Brown, Youssou Ndour as many legends in which he has drawn inspiration and education and that led meetings dating to his current project "Afrobeat Cookers.



01. Afrobeat Rolling 4:56
02. Ballafolly (feat. Balla)2:28
03. Djaka 4:08
04. Djogbessé 4:24
05. Tchékorôba 4:03
06. Kpalongo 5:59
07. Please, Please, Please 7:13

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