Aug 30, 2010

German Afrobeat: The Boogoos

Blue eyed afro soul

This thirteen piece afro-funk combo let loose with a raw blend of poly-rhythm and colourful harmony. Their sound is traditionally rooted, with respect and admiration, in afrobeat, north american funk, soul and jazz music of the 1960's and 70's. The musicians hand-picked from the forests, mountains and valleys of bavaria, weave disciplined drumming earthy congas, thumping percussion, driving bass hooks, rhythmic guitar patterns caressed ivory and ebonies with five bombastic horn players and two juxtaposed, yet complementary singers to brew up a strong full-bodied vibe.

From their myspace page!

Up to right now they published two 45s:

1. Theme De YoYo / The Journey (Ghana '74)

"Theme de Yoyo", the masterpiece by the Art Ensemble of Chicago, gets a soulful funk treatment, transforming it into an instant dancefloor filler. The vocals by singer July stand out as a very intense performance, that builds up to an explosive climax.

"The Journey (Ghana ‘74)" is a nine minute afrobeat bomb and a Boogoos original composition. It is fueled by the extensive instrumentation and the driving bassline, as well as the colourful horns and solowork by baritone and flute. Crowned by singer Zsolt's unique vocals, you can get an impression of how the band sounds live on stage…


2. Bubbles pt.1/ pt.2

singer zsolt tokaij wrote this heavy grooving and also beautiful song called "bubbles".
the original studio take lasts for more than 7 minutes, so we had to cut it for the 45 rpm release into two parts. listen to the strong horn-lines of the five (!) horn-players, the tight rhythm section and the amazing vocals of zsolt in part one.
part two kicks off with an amazing breakbeat intro, exposing the skills of the percussion players, until it comes to the grand finale.

djs will love it, especially the b-side with that monster drum/percussion break half through the song, just perfect for the dancefloor!

if you dig antibalas or the timmion crew out of finland, you will be pleased with this release. definitely a very exciting mixture of styles which has the world not seen yet.


A concert flyer:

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