Oct 22, 2010

Afrobeat from Finland: Aiyekooto and his Afrobeat International

Aiyekooto, born Babatunde Akerele, started writing songs 15 years ago. His music is a mixture of afrobeat, highlife and funk. Since 2005 he has been living in Helsinki, Finland. There Aiyekooto has put together his own 15-piece band of top Finnish musicians called "Afrobeat International".

from their myspace page!


Nigerian Aiyekooto combines enchanting afrobeat with older Ghana-born genres of highlife and funky. Living in Helsinki since 2005, he has surrounded himself with the impressive Afrobeat International band, consisting of renowned rhythm musicians. Before coming to Finland the band’s leader Babatunde Akerele composed, wrote lyrics and arranged his 70′s afro sound in Lagos, Nigeria.

Aiyekooto & His Afrobeat International were chosen the best band of 2007 at the Funk Awards gala in February. The 20-member band, serving exotic rhythms and positive vibrations, has thrown several energetic and enthusiastic gigs at clubs and festivals around the country. The band is a real dance floor filler – it’s almost impossible to avoid the urge to dance to their seductive rhythms. When the audience is in the groove, they don’t want to let the band go off stage.



Unfortunately, as far as I know there is no album yet - but hopefully soon - therefore, to listen to some of there songs just check out their myspace page here!

... moreover, a video can be seen here!

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  1. Aiyekooto & Afrobeat International have released a great album called Olurombi in 2013.