Feb 4, 2011

Afrobeat from Boston, US: The Brighton Beat

Yesterday I was contacted by Ryan Hinchey, the bassist of the The Brighton Beat.

Besides some greetings he asked me if it would be possible to post his band The Brighton Beat here. Yeah, of course, as you can see: already done!

In his own words:

"You can download our EP for free on our bandcamp site...www.thebrightonbeat.bandcamp.com.

Feel free to post the EP on your blog, giving away free downloads of it."



Yeah! The Brighton Beat, we are a conscious group of living organisms that make coherent sonic creations of a monotonous dance beat nature. Based in Boston and playing shows around the Northeast and NYC. Stay tuned for news and upcoming shows!

by The Brighton Beat

The Brighton Beat is...

Ryan Hinchey- bass
SammyWags- drums
Jon Bean - Tenor Sax
Patrick "Chazwick" Dalton - percussion
Ryan "6th Degree" Nava - shekere, guitar
Jason Moore - keyboards

Including but not limited to...

Mark Zaleski - alto sax
Brian Paulding - trombone
Aaron Hachen - sax
Seth Hachen - flute
Trevor Bernatchez - trumpet
Zach Kamins - keyboards
Cooper White - bari sax


1. Loose Cannon 05:59
2. Coney Island 06:19
3. Big Top 05:54

The album can be downloaded for free here:


Check it out!!!

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  1. This blog you keep is great, I don't remember if I've already offered verbal praise or not but just in case I'll go ahead and do it again. I've gotten so much great music from you! So thank you for sharing : )!
    Also I've been living in Boston for the past few years, so I'm going to go ahead and re-post this in hopes to maximize exposure though I know only a few folks sniff around my site.
    keep it up, and take care
    much love