Mar 9, 2011

Brazilian Afrobeat: Abayomy Afrobeat Orquestra

Information from their myspace page:

ABAYOMY is an Ioruba word that means "happy meeting", and we strongly believe there's no better expression to translate the essence of the ABAYOMY AFROBEAT ORCHESTRA. The group was created in the same day of Fela Kuti's birthday, especially for the first edition in Rio de Janeiro of the FELA DAY -- an international event that celebrates the birth of the Nigerian creator of Afrobeat. Due to the quality of the happy meeting with friends and admirers of Fela Kuti, the group felt the necessity to go on with the Orchestra, in order to take advantage of the presence of this musical legacy in the work of many Brazilian artists, which is, at the same time, rarely explored. The ABAYOMY ORCHESTRA is formed by 13 musicians that move Rio de Janeiro's scene and have, as a creative basis, different styles of music. Mônica Ávila (Alto Sax), Fábio Lima (Tenor Sax), Thiago Queiroz (Bariton Sax) Leandro Joaquim (Thrumpet), Marco Serragrande (Trombone), Donatinho (Keyboard), Gustavo Benjão (Guitar), Victor Gottardi (Guitar), Pedro Dantas (Bass), Alexandre Garnizé (Percussion), Cláudio Fantinato (Percussion), Rodrigo Larosa (Percussion), Thomas Harres (Drums) use their Brazilian references and geniality with bright musical sounds, pressed by the afrobeat strenght with hypnotic and infinite grooves. In the musical list, besides their own compositions and covers of afrobeat classics, there are versions for the songs of artists such as Jorge Benjor, Marku Ribas, Antonio Carlos & Jocafi, among others directly inspired by African rhythmic sources. The show is a rich walk among these strong sounds. In this walk, the audience as well as the musicians of the ABAYOMY AFROBEAT ORCHESTRA create, through the music, a way to carry all of them to Africa...


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