May 3, 2011

Emefe - An overview of albums ... free to download

EMEFE (em-ef-ayyy!) is a band lead by Miles Arntzen, a young musician based in New York City. Miles got the group together in December of the year 2009. Inspired by his musical heroes in Antibalas, who encouraged him to study the life and music of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, and Medeski Martin and Wood, who taught him about the importance of the individual and the self in music, Miles started recording demos of the tunes that became EMEFE.

It is important to note that Fela Kuti, the man who created the music we play, lived in a different time - he made his music as a response to the injustices that ruled everyday life in Africa (specifically Nigeria) in the 70's and 80's. His music was about not becoming zombies under the authorities. He sang about not letting the corrupt government officials bring his people down. So why does EMEFE play this music? In the same way that Fela used this music as an escape from and confrontation against the authorities, EMEFE uses it to escape the inner authority inside all of us, the doubts and worries that are there inside our minds every day. Our mission is to use our music to help ourselves and our listeners let go of those trivial negatives that bring us down. We want to fight the inner authorities that we put on ourselves, each for our own specific reasons. With deep respect for Fela Kuti, we are excited to play the music he created - afrobeat - because, simply, it makes us happy. We hope it makes you happy too.

EMEFE also takes inspiration from the improvised music made by Medeski Martin and Wood and other areas of music and life to produce music that makes the listener want to dance in a happy frenzy. Check out our afrobeat funk tunes and give some feedback!

The band could be called an afrobeat band, with influence from Fela Kuti and Antibalas. It could be called a funk band, with influence from Sly, MMW, The Roots, and the Dap-Kings. But what's in a genre? We are, quite simply, EMEFE.



Live at Tutuma Social Club

This is a document of EMEFE's debut show at Tutuma Social Club on December 21st, 2009. It was part of Tutuma's weekly Rising Stars event, and we won the night!

Album can be downloaded for free here!

1. Intro 01:02
2. I No Get Eye For Back 08:54
3. Jump and Stomp 05:44
4. Sneaky 08:05
5. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 04:11
6. The War and Consequence 11:21
7. Oh, That's What It Is 06:02


Emefe Sound EP

This is a demo EP album recorded completely by Miles Arntzen. This is just to get the point across and introduce you to the EMEFE Sound.

Album can be downloaded for free here!

1. Oh, That's What It Is 04:36
2. The War and Consequence 04:08
3. Love In A Song 03:49
4. Sneaky 03:29
5. 221 Groove 05:09


Europe EP

EUROPE EP presents three original songs by Miles Arntzen and EMEFE. It begins with the horn driven, hard hitting "New System", written as a warning to the University Corporations out there that take money and return the favor by instilling pressure and anxiety in their student bodies. The fiery "Motherland" kicks off next, an anthem for anybody who wants to let go of all the B.S. that they see on TV and in the newspapers every day. "Europe" opens with peaceful sounds of Italian cities, soon followed by a marching groove and supreme horn calls and responses. EMEFE's EUROPE EP is a call to arms, a call for everybody to stand up and march against the negative. That negative can be inside of their own body systems, outside on the street, or everywhere. Whereas MUSIC FREES ALL is an invitation to drop it all and dance, EUROPE EP is a ferocious and urgent stand against everything and anything that brings us down.

Album can be downloaded for free here!

1. New System 06:50
2. Motherland 03:36
3. Europe 07:50


Music frees all

EMEFE stands for Music Frees All. Music has the power to resonate inside of us, flowing through every thought, every fear, every memory and every worry. Our minds create rules and authorities that drive us in every moment. Let songs, like the ones on this CD, free your self from those rules. Let yourself dance!

Album can be downloaded for free here!

1. Jump and Stomp 04:54
2. Free Your Self 04:24
3. The War and Consequence 05:52
4. The Night 04:49
5. 221 Groove 05:07
6. Sumo 06:02
7. Sneaky 06:26
8. Oh, That's What It Is 04:21

Just enjoy ...!

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