Jul 12, 2011

Support Mr. VoodooFunk: Help us fight illegal African re-issues!

Original message by Mr. VoodooFunk here, re-posted coz of the important message!

Some lowlifes in France have put out an unauthorized re-issue of Gyedu Blay Ambolley's Simigwa LP. We have secured the official licensing for this record and are in the process of giving it a proper release. We have remastered the record from the original master tapes while the bootleg was recorded from a scratched up old record. They didn't even take the time and money to have the crackle removed.

The retailers selling this crap all know perfectly well that they are selling a shitty bootleg with the sound quality of a low quality mp3 and fully audible crackle and scratches.

Here are the latest offenders: Vinylism, Groove Collector, System Records & Jet Records

Some of these retailers also sell the recently bootlegged Moussah Doumbia and Ikenga Super Stars LPs.

Who would want to buy this shit?

Please tell everybody you know who is into this type of music to not buy these detestable products. They all originate from the same stinking French rat hole. Disgusting bottomfeeders that are stealing money from the people who made this music and from those who want to put it out legitimately.

Here's how you can help:

-Wherever you see ebay sellers or online mailorders offer this bootleg, buy it!

-Pay with Paypal.

-Paypal offers the possibility to directly re-fund your money if a purchased product is not how it was described by the seller. This does not only work for ebay sales but for all online purchases. Paypal guarantees your money and will give it back to you, no questions asked. The seller claimed that the record sounds like new but in fact it's an illegal bootleg pressed from a recording off a scratchy, old record. Clearly not as described. This gives you all the reason you need to perform a chargeback with Paypal.

-This is super easy to do. You get your money back and if the retailer is willing to pay for the shipping cost, you send back the record (this is unlikely to happen since the shipping cost will be close to what they paid for the bootleg in wholesale).

-If you see them in a record store, pull the record out of the sleeve and use your a key or whatever other small sharp object is handy to put a nasty scratch on it.

-Do not feel sorry for the retailers. They will always tell you they didn't know these were bootlegs. Trust me, everybody who sells records for a living can very easily tell that these are not legitimate releases and the dealers who peddle this shit are just as guilty as the lowlifes who produce it.

-Have fun in helping to teach this no class, chicken-stealing scum a lesson!

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