Aug 26, 2011

Ebo Taylor Jnr. & Wuta Wazuri - Gotta Take It Cool (Download)

Every year the Soulstrut online community holds a Record Day where members rip some of their favorite records and share them with the rest of the board. While there are really no rules to what people can share, emphasis is usually placed on previously unavailable, rare or obscure records, or things that you think other board members might like but not necessarily know about. In keeping with this tradition, I decided to share three extremely rare African records that I managed to get my hands on in 2010. Some seriously great music here that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Hope you enjoy it!

Son of the legendary Ghanaian musician, composer, producer and arranger Ebo Taylor, this album contains “Mondo Soul Funky” which was comped on Ghana Soundz 2 put out by Soundway Records. There is another funky cut called “Swinging Soul For Love” which hasn’t been comped yet. The rest of the album is a mixture of traditional highlife and reggae.

Ebo Taylor is many Afrobeat friends certainly a household name. The Ghanaian side was Fela Kuti, one of the pioneers of this music and is still active. His son, Ebo Taylor Jr. suggested already in the mid-70s and published a similar way with an album on Polydor with Wuta Wazutu. This from funk and reggae influenced LP is very difficult to raise and traded for about $ 1,000. Today Ebo Taylor Jr. plays keyboards in his father's band and toured with him across the world.

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01. lord we've missed you
02. systems to love
03. begging on knees
04. you've got yours greedy man
05. gotta take it cool
06. mondo soul funky
07. swinging soul for love
08. every woman needs a helper
09. love is what i need


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