Jul 2, 2012

Tex Soul & The Bayonets by Mr. Frank "Voodoofunk" Gossner

Contemporary afro funk aficionados need not feel inadequate for not having heard of the musician known as Tex Soul–even at the peak of his brief career in the mid-1970s, he never approached widespread national recognition in his native Nigeria. Unheard-of in the dance halls and on the radio waves of the country’s principal metropolis of Lagos, Tex Soul was a hero in the Eastern city of Aba, where his prowess as the consummate entertainer lived as the stuff of local legend. As a performer who could dance like James Brown, play the guitar like Jimi Hendrix and belt out a song with the soulfulness of ages, Tex Soul’s name was prefixed by the word “Showman,” almost as a permanent honorific. Hotly recruited by other groups on the booming Eastern rock circuit to add some electricity to their live shows, Tex Soul made his first big splash during a brief stint with the city’s number one rockers, The Funkees of Aba, before forming his own group The Vibrations. After scoring a handful of regional hits, Tex Soul’s promising career and life were cut short when he was found dead under suspicious circumstances after an altercation with a show promoter in 1979. Now Voodoo Funk and Academy Records are proud to expose this tragically overlooked artist to a new audience, digging deep to unearth the single “Uto Nwa” b/w “Osi Na Ngada,” recorded by Tex in 1972 with his early soul group The Bayonets, forgotten even by the hardest Aba scenesters!


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