Sep 18, 2012

The Apostles - Wisdom (get it!!!)

The band was officially called The Apostles (or The Apostles of Aba), but as some of their album covers announced them simply as "Apostles," I grew used to calling them that. Something about dropping the definite article makes the name infinitely more mysterious, otherworldly and intangible.

Besides, more information cannot be found, pls check out the other post of them here!


A1. Music In Me
A2. Nmere Girl
A3. I Know You're Good For Me
A4. Born To Reign
B1. Wisdom
B2. Good Loving
B3. King Of Kings
B4. Feeling Happy


  1. In the mid seventies I worked in Nigeria at the Calabar harbour project. On a time I walked on the market and heard music played somewhere on the market. I immediately liked the music. I found the place where they played this music. I found out they played the LP Wisdom from the Aposteles. I immediately bought the LP from the owner. At the time I bought this LP I was only 20 years young. Today I am nearly sixty years old but this music has not lost an inch of its atraction. I stil own this LP and every now and then I still listen to it.