Dec 20, 2012

Federator N°1

Federator N°1 brings together afrobeat and afro-dance music in an exceptional live experience. Originals and arrangments of familiar tunes are at once both deeply traditional and unapologetically modern - maintaining the power of music to speak to today's situation - culturallly, politically, and musically. Federator N°1 will free both your body and your mind.

Based in Boston, where there is a vibrant african music scene, Federator N°1's name is inspired by a piece about Fela Kuti. One of the guys who worked on Radio Shrine furthering Fela's musical message spoke about the role of the station as the primary Federator of Afrobeat. In that vein, our role is to be the Federator of the first order of afrobeat and afro-centric dance music in Boston. The name also references Konono N°1, and the fantastic work they are doing playing music that is at once traditional and modern.

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