Jan 9, 2013

African Psychedelic from Nigeria: Tirogo

Tirogo is another great sample of lost African Psychedelic music. It was recorded in Nigeria in 1977 and originally released on EMI, same as the great album BLO-Chapter One. This Nigerian Rock-Psych band TIROGO is similar to bands such as Ofege, Blo, Founders 15, Doves, and Aktion. Great African songs covered with wild guitar solos, spooky organ, great beats and strong vocals. 4 guys on the cover / 6 where actually in the band looking pretty young. It is getting harder an harder to find lost African bands since there is a big rave in the International music scene to hunt for good material. With the massive help of collectors and Now Again Records in USA, who actually went to Nigeria to sign the boys, we are able to present this amazing album to you. It will suit the same music lovers who like Amanaz, The Witch, Question Mark and Blo. 


Tirogo is one of these Nigerian psych-rock bands from a same level as the other bands which had been reissued before. The songs and song tunes sung in English are somewhat simple, a foundation, one of them is sung in not such a perfect way, the whole musical element completely compensates for this and completes this to an attractive psychedelic rock format. There's use of a little bit of keyboards to fill up the arrangements with another layer, it is the groovy electric guitar solos which are given a time and which are given a trippy freedom which gives this something special in combination with the attractive Afro-inspired rock song rhythms. Just here and there is a funky touch, without ever being dominant.

A decent African rock record within the psychedelic territory.



The ongoing project to locate every piece of vinyl ever released in Africa has turned up this psychedelic-rock gem from 1977 Nigeria.  Like a lot of African rock bands, Tirogo is clearly influenced by the multi-cultural musical adventures of Jimi Hendrix and Santana (two pretty positive influences, I’d say).  The lead guitar player, Elvy (Action) Akhionbare, is really superb and gets an amazingly Hendrix-like sound out of his gear.  The songs provide plenty of room for guitar and organ solos; songwriter and singer Wilfred Ekanem’s lyrics are moralistic and downright Christian in a few places, but at its essence this is party music.  Probably the first time I’ve ever heard the phrases “boogie shoes” and “go my friends with Jesus” in the same song is on track 4 here.




A1 Float
A2 Devil´s Gonna Get You
A3 Ajufo
B1 Tirogo
B2 Gypsy Girl
B3 Let´s Feed The Nation

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