May 8, 2013

The ‎Uhuru Dance Band - The Sound Of Africa (GET IT!)

The Uhuru Dance Band's rare, 1975 album The Sound of Africa was posted in full by an ebay seller last month. Released on Kwadwo Donkoh's Agoro label, this unique album blends funk, American soul/jazz, highlife, and dance-band music much in the same vein as the Ogyatanaa Show Band (you may recongnize the Uhuru's "Yahiya Mu" which was featured on the Ghana Special compilation). Accordingly, this unique sound was largely driven by saxophonist George Amissah (Uhuru's then band leader) and Kwadwo Donkoh, who worked as a composer, arranger, and musician on this album as well as Ogyatanaa's Yerefrefre and Obra Mu Asem. At the same time, much of the lead singing on The Sound of Africa (as well as the two Ogyatanaa albums) is recognizably performed by the same individual (see "I Know My Mission" for an example). Unfortunately this singer's name remains a mystery, as does the actual relationship between this album, Kwadwo Donkoh, and the Ogyatanaa Show Band. Of course, any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

A big "THANK YOU" goes to


A1 Biribi 3:55
A2 Osiakwan 4:01
A3 Nkobesie 4:08
A4 Sika (Money) 5:00
A5 Awareso 3:40
B1 Yahyia Mu 4:15
B2 Odo Te Se Bump 3:24
B3 Yung-Chu Karatin' 3:14
B4 Lome Tugbedze/ Lome Ahoofe 3:37
B5 Bo Dienkye 3:18
B6 I Know My Mission 3:38

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