Jun 13, 2013

Fela Soul Instrumentals (get it)

Following the recent trend of musical mash-ups, this digital-EP combines vintage recordings of the afrobeat-soul legend Fela Kuti with hip-hop pioneers De La Soul.  As the creator/producer (Amerigo Gazaway) puts it, “Afrobeat, jazz, funk, and hip-hop are already so interconnected, I always thought it would be exciting to work on a project that combined all of these elements together.  I hope this project will help to bridge the gap between hip-hop and afrobeat, and serve as an introduction for hip-hop fans and music fans alike who are unfamiliar with Fela Kuti or De La Soul’s music.”  While this combination sounds too good to be true-- this release is for real, and it sounds exactly like what you’re imagining.  And the best part of all?  It’s available for FREE download on the Gummy Soul website (link below).  Yes, read that again- it’s FREE!!!

“Fela Soul” is an 9-track musical journey, combining afrobeat rhythms, funky horn riffs, and classic, clever hip-hop.  Even if you’re familiar with the original music, Gazaway seamlessly intertwines the two artists into something completely new, interesting, and original.  The album also features Redman, MF DOOM, and Gorillaz.  The FREE download package also includes full liner notes with a track-by-track breakdown of the EP’s creation.  A Radio Edit version of the EP and a bonus track are also available on the same website.  This online-release is definitely worth downloading and the price is right!  


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