Oct 1, 2013

De Frank Professionals - Psychedelic Man (get it)

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Well Folks, here it is.

Yet another highly sought-after gem from Ghanaian funketeer - De Frank.  Much like other renown West African funk artists - Ambolley, Geraldo Pino, Harry Masco - De Frank’s catalogue affirms his admiration for American funk and soul.  On “psychedelic Man” he  goes all in and does away with most of the highlife and other Ghanaian rhythms found on some of his other recordings - one which we featured a while back - and replaces it with english-induced afro-soul and the occasional reggae number.

Most often, the record is noted for the track “Call Me frank,” but the real standout is the song right after. “Waiting for My Baby” embodies everything I love about Afro-funk:  moody organ chords, dirty horn lines, and a driving pulse, all accented by De frank’s signature high-pitched vocals. De frank allows the band to breath over the instrumental, adding little more than the title name as a chorus, with the occasional added line, which he sings just long enough to give the listener a break before ushering back the horns.

This track is beautiful in every way and yet another testament to De Frank’s gifted musical ability.


A1 I Don't Know The World Is One
A2 Think Of The Future
A3 Psychedelic Man
B1 Let's Make The Music
B2 Call Me Frank
B3 Waiting For My Baby
B4 Man No Cry

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  1. great album! can you re-upload please? the zippy-link is down. Thank you for the great work!