Nov 20, 2013

Ogassa - Ogassa Original Volume 1

Ultra rare 2nd album recorded in 1978 in Nigeria by a band of 6 band members from Porto Novo, a city based in the east part of Benin.

Information about the band remained really hard to find, sadly all the musicians died, as did the lead singer in a tragic car accident.

After its 1st album in 1976, Ogassa (“Oga” means master in Nigerian dialect) was touring a lot in all West-Africa, thanks to radio hits such as "Segbele-Gbele" or "Ajimevi". They were also very close to the famous Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou, with whom they worked together once in a few.

Most of these songs were only pressed once on vinyl by the famous Albarika label in Cotonou and have remained unreleased famous Albarika label in Cotonou and have remained unreleased ever since.


The Ogassa story is a short one, given that the group only issued a handful of recordings – one of which is this really unique Nigerian album! Ogassa have a style that's much more deeply soulful than some of their contemporaries – as equally committed to sad-tinged lyrics as they are to a groove, which means that there's some real standout moments of blueness that you'd not likely to find on other records like this from the time! Rhythms slow down at a few points on the record – which gives plenty of space to the wonderful vocals that echo out with this plaintive quality – lead singer then matched by the group, as guitar and thin organ lines trip out nicely when given a chance to solo. All tracks are nice and long – and the album's nicely balanced between the groovers "Gbe We Gnin Wa Bio" and "Ogassa Story", and mellower cuts "Avale" and "Production Vido Tche". (Very cool deluxe pressing – super-heavy cover and vinyl!) 


A1 : Avale      
A2: Ogassa Story      
B1 : Production Vido Tche      
B2: Gbe We Gnin Wa Bio   

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