Apr 23, 2014

Dexter Johnson & Le Super Star De Dakar - Live à l’Étoile

TERANGA BEAT proudly presents DEXTER JOHNSON & Le SUPER STAR de DAKAR in their last performance before their departure to Abidjan in 1969. Mastered from the original tape this recording captures the energy and quality of these most spectacular performers. The group was led by the inimitable Dexter Johnson, a saxophonist whose unique timbre influenced generations of horn players in Senegal and who can stand with pride next to the great jazz musicians.

Nigerian born he came to Dakar through Bamako & left his mark from the first night he arrived in the city with the GUINEAN JAZZ, in 1957. Later he played with the STAR BAND de DAKAR & finally with the SUPER STAR de DAKAR where he made a great duo with the singer LABA SOSSEH in the club “À l’Étoile”.

“Live à l’Étoile” features many great Afro-Cuban classics, two killer boogaloos and a cover of Wilson Pickett’s “Something You Got”. The recording also shows for the very first time the capacity of Dexter after the departure of LABA SOSSEH. This gave him the opportunity to become the absolute frontman & to have the singers JOHN GOMIS, WILLIAMS & MAĪSSA NGOM accompany his tenor saxophone.

The 2LP comes out in a deluxe ‘60s style cover with a bonus track & MP3 download code. Both LP & CD booklet includes photos & linear notes outlining Dexter’s musical career. We hope you will enjoy. 


1. Angelitos Negros
2. Para Que Bueno
3. Mayeya
4. Cienfuegos Tiene Su Guaguanco Bonus track LP only
5. Something You Got
6. Soy Hijo Del Siboney
7. Caminho de São Tomé
8. Borinquen Tropical
9. Mujer de Oriente
10. Guaguanco a Mantilla
11. El Corazon
12. Malonga
13. Soy El Rey

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