Oct 12, 2009

Papa Groove - We're not blind


Martin Siberok (HOUR), August 7th, 2008 Lordy Lord - a 13-piece from Montreal blasting out a healthy dose of funky R&B and Afrobeat for a good solid hour. Impressive live, these hometown guys prove with their debut album that they're a force to be reckoned with. Musically, PAPAGROOVE takes us on a rich aural journey that stretches from West Africa (Mercy Lady, Rimouna) to Oakland, USA (East Road, Little Man). The members - all outstanding players - run a tight ship, while vocalist Sebastien Francisque keeps it evenly keeled. Kudos go to the five-strong horn section that punctuates each song with tight blasts of brass. Sounding like Fela Kuti and Tower Of Power all rolled into one, Papa Groove is a great party band with the right political message.

What better than an 13-piece Afro-Funk band to end the jazz festivities on a high note Papagroove is a home-grown collective,bursting right out of Montreal's jazz/world scene and they are certain not to leave any listeners unaffected. With a powerhouse five piece brass section and R & B/soul-tinged vocals, thier music is impossible to listen to sitting down.



We're not Blind is the first album from Montreal top notch funkateers Papa Groove, these musicians have been stomping the stages of great festivals in Canada and around the world. Their music is an engaging mix of Afrobeat, Funk, disco and Soul while their texts are socially charged. We're Not Blind is the result of five years of work and has been produced par David Shurton (Jean Leloup, Bran Van 3000) who brought a pop sensibility to their mix, while Cameroun's son David Ngohdeffiko, (ex Fela Kuti bandmate) brought in an undeniable African authenticity. The bands 13 members include a 5 member brass section. Their stellar performances last year motivated the Montreal International Jazz Festival in 2008 to bring them back. It is the beginning for this dancing machine, a musical tornado that can not be stopped.


The name says it all-they lay down an undeniable groove wherever they play! Papa Groove-formed six years ago from players in the Montreal jazz and world scenes-bring a muscular Afro-funk, powered by solid rhythm, a five-piece horn section, and the explosive soulful vocals of one Sebastien Francisque. Those who caught them at last year's Festival will eagerly welcome back this party outfit and its bracing new album, We are not blind.



01. Afro-Taxi
02. Papagroove
03. One Day
04. East Road
05. Cold Machine
06. Mercy Lady
07. Little Man
08. One Way Departure
09. Rimouna
10. Wild Life
11. We're Not Blind
12. Safaria
13. Soul Friction

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