Oct 6, 2009

Shokazoba - Think Like A Hammer


Shokazoba is a collective of musicians who’ve come together to write and perform a very unique blend of Jazz/Funk with a West African undertone and a conscious political message. The Afrobeat style, pioneered by the Nigerian anti-colonialist Fela Kuti, has been the main influence of our project while merging in many other styles to create our own unique sound. It’s extremely funky qualities and layered poly-rhythms make Afrobeat our desired focus of our music. The ensemble is made up of a very special group of musicians from Western MA currently or formerly involved with such projects as The 5th Pocket, Somebody’s Closet, Baba Olatunji, World Beat Ensemble, Syzygy, The Primate Fiasco, Gaiah Roots. The band’s current incarnation garnered the Valley Advocate “Best of 2007” award for World Music and “Best of 2008″ award for Funk.



01. Habeas Corpus 9:10
02. Wake Up Call 8:59
03. Expand People 11:12
04. Guernica 11:05

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