Apr 28, 2010

Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra - Definitely Roots

Incredible French afro fusion of 17 musicians, Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra is a syncretism resulting of afrobeat, jazz funk, old descarga, West Indies heritage, ethio groove and raw creol spoken word mixing. Their originality lies in this recipe : atypical rythms for heavy afro rare grooves. Don't miss and enjoy this first release in limited edition.


1. AJF
2. Definitely Roots
3. Agolona
4. Dont Lose Your Time
5. Pas Touchez Ca
6. Kingston Abeba
7. Tambou La Sonne
8. Verite Yo
9. Kaladja Killa
10. Ethiopik Mood
11. Transmission
12. Parlez Parlez
13. Exil

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