Apr 12, 2010

Belgian Afrobeat Association - The king is among us

There is a new party collective risen from Antwerp breeding ground where previously even El Tattoo Del Tigre, Wawadadakwa and Internationals were fished out: The Belgian Afrobeat Association they call themselves. Their debut album, they christened The King Is Among Us.

The Belgian Afrobeat Association (BABA) started as an opportunity to link the command to get people dancing on the Start Rata Festival 2002. Led by Winok Seresia (Wawadadakwa) and with the support of a host of other inter rasmuzikanten Flat Earth Society, El Tattoo del Tigre she succeeded without problem in this scheme. After several successful live performances, the time was ripe for his own album: The King Is Among Us is the result.

This album gets the help of the BABA Laïs girls here and there a few tones are singing along. FES-chief Peter Vermeersch, the entire leadership of this musical band assumed. He has clearly opted for a very atmospheric album with live tracks ("O Bruni Blues") and some gentle humming between songs.

The continuous present swinging percussion with the equally catchy blowers include "Babalu Aye" feel in the winter days as a warm sun. The African chants in "something good", interspersed with a melting pot of languages in the funny "Femme Fatale" or ordinary instrumental tracks ("Afro Porn", "It's 3 O'Clock"), bring us all in the atmosphere of an African festival .

The Belgian Afrobeat Association makes pretty good music, and they certainly live a fiery band that entertains its audience from beginning to end. Yet we feel that BABA decoction yet another club or play a couple of extremely talented musicians who can not get enough of the world to travel in search of exotic sources of inspiration. Not that there's anything wrong with that, we just feel that we now had.


1. The Meter's Running
2. No Woman Worries
3. Same Old Thing
4. Are You My Woman ?
5. Four Flights Up
6. Main Man
7. Take A Chance
8. Starlight
9. This Is The Real Me
10. Safari Of Soul
11. This Ain't Moving
12. Chicken Run
13. Wilderness

--- Note ---

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find any information about this band, therefore, just a couple of lines for this band ...

If anyone has more information, please feel free to contact me!!!

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