Jun 5, 2010

The Mebusas - Blood Brothers

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Yet another Nigerian rarity, this Mebusas LP gets its first ever reissue. Best known for their cut "Son of Mr Bulldog" which was made available on the recent Afro Baby compilation. A large and multitalented group, The Mebusas' "Blood Brothers" album (1973) reflects the diversity of its members. Elements of soul, funk and psychedelic rock as well as Latin, Carribean and African music come together in a powerfully unique album recorded in Nigeria.



Best known for their cut Son of Mr Bulldog which was made available on the recent Afro Baby compilation on Soundway Records, The Mebusas lone LP Blood Brothers combines elements of American soul and funk, psychedelic rock, latin/carribean rhythms and traditional African music. Innovative arrangements, deep rhythms and top-notch playing make this 1973 album a true classic. This is the first ever reissue of this landmark album.

Beautiful grooves from the Nigerian scene of the 70s -- a set of really unique grooves, and the only-ever album from the enigmatic Mebusas! There's kind of a tripped-out feel to some of these tracks -- Afro Funk, but taken left of center from the style of Fela -- thanks to some weird keyboard bits, odd production touches, and some occasional psychedelic guitar -- which really fuzzes things up, and almost creates a cross-cultural vibe that should have gotten this album play up in London, or over in New York! Lyrics are in English, and some of the tracks have a heavy dose of American funk, too -- yet others are pure 70s African funk all the way through -- a wonderful blend of modes that really keeps things interesting. Titles include "Son Of Mr Bull Dog", "Do You Know", "Grooving Out On Life", "Kwashioko", "Blood Brothers", "Return/Pada", and "I Wonna Do It".


Reissue of the only LP ever to come from the near-legendary group The Mebusas. 'Blood Brothers' is considered a landmark album for the way in which it blends elements of American soul and funk, psychedelic rock, latin, carribean rhythms and traditional African music. A definite experience start to finish, this is an example of a group that should have changed music history but was lost to obscurity at the time. Definitely worth checking if you have any interest in any of the aformentioned genres!



1. Son Of Mr Bull Dog
2. Blood Brothers
3. I Wonna Do It
4. Return/Pada
5. Mr Bull Dog
6. Grooving Out On Life
7. Kwashioko
8. Do You Know
9. Good Bye Friends

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