Jun 5, 2010

Nkengas - Destruction

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Released in 1973 (hard to believe that that is 35 years ago, innit!)in Nigeria. Nkengas and Ikengas are the same band, if you were wondering. They were certainly led by the same man, Okoroego. Nkengas were the initial Afro Funk combo and then became all highlife-y with the conception of the Ikengas (although not all of it because Ikenga Super Stars Of Africa's 'greedy man' album is way funky). The Nkengas released one other album, 'the Nkengas in London', which i haven't heard. Does anyone know if it's any good? Back to the album - Oh man, 'Jungle Beat' is classy club fare. It will get you out of your seat and have you shaking around like you just don't care!



1. Anyi Bundi Igbo 3:07
2. Obuna Alu 3:35
3. Anyi Buofu 2:38
4. Jungle Beat 6:15
5. Ube Frank Special 3:18
6. Ndu Bu Isi 2:19
7. Nkenga Special 3:51
8. London Special 7:05
9. Destruction 3:22

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