Dec 15, 2011

Eric Agyemang - Wonko Menko? (get it)

Top Ghanaian guitarist who started with Dr. K. Gyasi and the Noble Kings before joining the Sweet Talks. This album recorded in Togo and Ghana was release back in the 1980's and is just superb. Thomas Frempong is the lead vocalist for the last three while Agyaaku does the first and Eric and Osei Tutu provide the backing. Lovely all the way through.


01. Wonko Menko?
02. Nya Abotare Ma Be
03. Odo Bra
04. Men Koaa


  1. Amazing album. this blog is outstanding! I really appreciate it. I am have learned so much already about the Afrobeat scene and I anticipate learning much more with your future posts.

  2. Link is dead... Can you repost?