Feb 16, 2012

From Nigeria: Adamosa Osagiede And His International Band - Ukpakon

Highlife from Nigeria!

Some information and songs are provided by amazing LIKEMBE:

Willy Adamosa Osagiede got in touch with me many years ago, and even sent me a CD of his recent recordings. Like all of the musicians here, he was most popular in the '70s and '80s. He's presently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and you can access his MySpace page here. Here are some tracks from his 1976 LP Ukpakon (Afrodisia DWAPS 70):

Adamosa Osagiede & his International Band - Amayamwen Nue

Adamosa Osagiede & his International Band - Igho Nogie

Adamosa Osagiede & his International Band - Wa Gha Hio



A1. Ukpakon
A2. Egbenoma Adede
A3. Ameghi Ka Vbukhuere
A4. Ibude
B1. Amayamwen Nue
B2. Igho Nogie
B3. Wa Gha Hio
B4. Do Sumwen Ehi

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  1. I just want to know if he is still alive, i enjoy his music so so much.