Feb 14, 2012

Ray Stephen Oche - No Discrimination

Killer afro funk jazz album recorded in France by Nigerian Ray Stephen Oche and His Matumbo.


From the liner notes:

"...After the memorable "Festival De Montparanasse", in 1970, Ray Stephen Oche joined "Alan Silva and his Celestial Communications Orchestra" for several concerts and festivals. In 1971 Ray collaborated with "Noah Howard Quartet" and played for the Copenhague Radio and television, at the university of the town and at the "Montmartre Jazz Club" . After having worked extenseively in Germany and Holland. Ray comes back to Paris where he founded his "Freedom Suite Orchestra"..."

Found here!


01. ada ode
02. trumpet calls the people of nigeria
03. peace upon kenemaland
04. at the jazz fountain
05. ayipe assa
06. benue meditations
07. owoicho oche
08. down beat special
09. kano city sky
10. death scattered assa village

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