Aug 24, 2012

From Congo: The Cavaliers Band

African funk from Congo feat. the dancefloor filler tune "Tryin' to get you".

Chgeck out audio sample here! Quite amazing ...


A1. Dunia Ina Mambo
A2. Amina
A3. Fishen Man
B1. Try into Get You
B2. Maggie Mama
B3. Louk Age Me
B4. Wazari Walizema

Please, please ... if someone has this album, I would like to get it!


  1. They were actually from Kenya, not Congo. Been looking for this album for sometime now.

  2. Hi there, I finally found the whole album and on vinyl! The sleeve is quite different from the photo you have posted here. Where did you get these photos? I also managed to track down the producer of the album. Let me know if you need a copy, I can send it to you via dropbox. Cheers!

    Check out my FB page

    1. I contacted you at your facebook page, really would appreciate to get a copy ...