Aug 9, 2012

Liberian funky Afro-jazz: Kapingbdi (get it)!!!

Kapingbdi is Liberian funky Afro-jazz group which y'all may know through Off Track series... This is their self titled LP from 1978, recorded in Germany for Unsere Stimme label... So, grab yourselves some cool-aid, beer or whatever, play this laid back, trippy LP


A1. Dadadada
A2. Mali Feeling
A3. Now IS The Time To Cry For Love
A4. Soko Jazz
B1. Montserrado
B2. Deadea
B3. Don't Mess With My Music

Update by amazing .. check out the comments!!!


  1. Thank you for this nice post... except files A1 and B3 are the same, i.e. B3 = Don't Mess With My Music. So we're missing A1 = Dadadada. Can you repost it please ? Thank you. Rico

  2. Check out the disclaimer at the bottom of this blog:

    "Get it" links on this blog are not hosted on my own servers but were collected from another sites, therefore, if the "get it" link is not available anymore, don't ask me for uploading it again. I'm not gonna do it!

    Sorry ...