Oct 25, 2012

From Spain: Ogun Afrobeat - The Observer

Ogun Afrobeat is the first Afrobeat band in Spain of authentic Yoruba culture. Led by Akin Dimeji Onas from Lagos,Nigeria, one of the best African drummers in Spain, and backed by an powerful horn and rhythm section, the group has an extraordinary on stage sound which puts it at the forefront of Afrobeat bands.

Ogun Afrobeat has a lot to offer to the followers of Fela Anikulapo Kuti and fans of African and African-American music. As part of a burgeoning modern Afrobeat movement that is worldwide, Ogun stands out because of its original usage of traditional native rhythms from the Yoruba culture along with touches of other African musical art forms and its progressive mix of Funk, Disco, and Soul, the true hybrid heart of Afrobeat. A comparitively small group for an Afrobeat group, this eight piece band wields the might of an entire Afrobeat orchestra, and the intensity of its live performances is simply irresistable.

You'll hear the true embrace of James Brown and Fela Kuti licks intertwining and singing to each other, Fuji and High Life rhythms swirl with Funk and Soul beats and harmonies. Original tunes and arrangements of Fela classics overflow with the trademark tenor guitar lines and hearty keyboard chords, synth and organ melodies, the punch of a horn section that dances and sings, and finally rhythmical conversations between the bass, percussion and the drums conducted by the captain of the ship, Akinsola. You can't help but stand in awe as he simultaneously sings the vocals and thunders away at the drums, streering his band's tremendous sound to rush the crowd and carry it into an all out dance frenzy.

The group was conceived in Madrid, and had its premier performance in the African festival of La Noche en Blanco in Lavapies in September 2009. Since then, its gigs have spread all over Madrid and Spain in some of the most important national music festivals and Jazz clubs. Aside from their numerous concerts in such renown clubs in Madrid as Barco, Tempo, Boca de Lobo, Junco, Clamores, and many more, noteworthy performances include Casa Africa's sponsored concert in the prestigious Galileo Galilei, the concerts Ogun Afrobeat played at Moby Dick and Taboo during the Black Madrid festival, as well as the show they played at Junco as a featured group for Femi Kuti's concert in La Riviera for the festival Afrobeat Xplosion in April of 2010. Throughout the summer of 2011, Ogun Afrobeat went on the Caixa sponsored tour "Diversons" whose concerts were peformed at the Etnosur, Desspierta and Imagina Funk Festivals of Jaen, Enclave de Agua in Soria, Slap in Zaragosa, and the conclusion of the tour at Mercat de Musica in Vic, Catalunya. Ogun Afrobeat without a doubt left its giant footprint upon the national music scene. 

 Led by one of the best drummers in Spain, Dimeji Onas Akin, a Nigerian. The energy group Ogun Afrobeat mix traditional African rhythms with jazz and funk.

Since its inception in 2009, Ogun Afrobeat has made a lot of concerts where they get their songs a strength and incredible energy to propose an unforgettable show. They have also released an album "Tribute To Fela" in homage to the father and still the king of Afrobeat music, great Fela Kuti.

The composer and singer Onas Akin, and the other artists in the group come from all over the world, Daniel Child baritone sax, alto saxophonist Paul Hernandez, Lucho Altamira on bass, Isaac Shamam keyboard, Franck Santiuste on trumpet and Louis Tavern to percussion, proposing an amazing show with percussion rhythms, and fusion of different styles as world music, folk music and afrobeat course.

With tradition, talent and magic, Ogun Afrobeat is considered "the first band of Afrobeat in Spain, of authentic Yoruba culture of Nigeria."

Liderado por uno de los mejores bateristas en España, Akin Dimeji Onas, un nigeriano. El energético grupo Ogun Afrobeat mezcla ritmos tradicionales africanos con jazz y funk.

Desde su creación en 2009, Ogun Afrobeat ha hecho una gran cantidad de conciertos dónde sacan de sus canciones una fuerza y una energía increíble para proponer un espectáculo inolvidable. Además, han sacado un disco “Tributo A Fela” en homenaje al padre y todavía hoy el rey del la música Afrobeat, el gran Fela Kuti.

El compositor y cantante Akin Onas, y los otros artistas del grupo provienen de todas partes del mundo; Daniel Niño al saxo barítono, Pablo Hernández al saxo alto, Lucho Altamira al bajo, Isaac Shamam al teclado, Franck Santiuste a la trompeta y Luis Taberna a la percusión, proponen un sorprendente espectáculo con ritmos de percusión, y fusión de diferentes estilos como música del mundo, música tradicional y por supuesto afrobeat.

Con tradición, talento y magia, Ogun Afrobeat está considerado como “la primera banda de Afrobeat en España, de autentica cultura Yoruba de Nigeria”.



01. Mono Economy (05:28)
02. Ewa jo (06:25)
03. Colonial Mentality (08:51)
04. The Observer (06:39)
05. Salitre (05:05)
06. Padi Padi (06:29)
07. Eko lle (05:58)
08. Monday Morning in Lagos (06:03)
09. Fuji (05:28)
10. Fela Liks (04:44)

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  1. hi afrobeat, I heard this album a week ago or so, and it left me totally wrecked [:-) -in a goooood way!- recommended indeed, very fela & very, very damn hot....

  2. Hello Ogun Afrobeat, I'm a German DJ:). "The Observer" is a very good Album, i love Afrobeat, Funk, Jazz or Soul and sometime play this Sound in my Disco. The other Bandprojekt "CosmoSoul" from Drummer Dimeji Onas Akin is also very good:). And Venueconnection is also a very good Band from Spain. So much good music from spain, incredibly.. all professional musicians and music, respect;)! Thanx