Oct 9, 2012

Rare Afrofunk from Ghana: The Big Beats (get it)

So few is known about this band I have to relay Miles Cleret' notes, where the A side of this singe has been compiled on the excelent "Ghana Special" by Soundway records.

The Big Beats were a band formed mostly from the popular soul band El Pollos' second band, the Triffids. They played for some time in Lagos where they perfected their afro-beat style, returning to Ghana and recording two 45s for the Polydor label : "Mi Nsumõõ Bo Dõnn" ("I don't love you any more") was the B-side to the hit single "Kyenkyema which became a by-word in 70's  Ghana for anything old, outdate or decrepit. Their other release, "Afro-Pride" / "Kwemo Nahi",was released simultaneously but didn't sell anything like as well.


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