Feb 1, 2013

From France: Walko Afrobeat

WALKO is a band from Nantes, France, which draws inspiration from the work of Fela Anikulapo KUTI the creator of the afrobeat, where its sources could be found in jazz, funk or highlife… Walko gets its musical eclectism from its members coming from Caribbean, Africa, Asia and France. This flexible group of 13 to 15 misicians is composed of a solid and a massive rhythm section and a powerful brass instruments section led by an energetic singer.


WALKO merge roots and influences, with the desire to transmit the energy and colors of Afrobeat.

Founded in 2005, the group Nantes WALKO draws heavily on the work of the creator of Afrobeat FELA KUTI ANIKULAPO. This great artist has established musical codes specific to the afrobeat WALKO that has appropriate while incorporating other musical styles such as Soul, Funk, Jazz and African music. This eclectic music would not exist without the cultural diversity that WALKO: musicians Guadeloupe, Reunion, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Laotian and French continental.

This modular group of 12 to 15 musicians consists of a solid and massive rhythm section (bass, drums, 2 guitars, keyboard, 3 percussionists) and a powerful horn section (baritone sax, tenor sax, alto sax and trumpet) . The singer is accompanied by the exuberant energy for special occasions by two lovely singers / dancers.

As the concerts, WALKO has found an original sound and a real complicity with the audience causing a trance worthy of the greatest orchestras afrobeat .... WALKO worked with Barbaro, singer, trumpeter and Cuban percussionist (Femi Kuti, Buena Vista Social Club, P18 ...) as well as some members of Yelemba ABIDJAN (traditional percussion troupe .. e D'ivoire).

With this experience, WALKO has shared the stage with international artists such as Seun Kuti, Fanga Seyni and Yeliba .... WALKO has fought a solid reputaion in the middle of Afrobeat French.


01. Afrobeat Trance 
02. Quiet Man Is A Dead Man  

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