Feb 25, 2013

From Sweden: Okes Masima & the Afro Fusion Band

The band Members of Okes Masima & the Afro Fusion Band are comprises of Nine Swedish instrumentalist, One Swedish Dancer. The lead vocalist Okes Masima is from Nigeria. he plays the african Shekere and clive.. David Bäck on Piano.. Lars Rosegren on Slagverk. Tobi on Bass Johan Bjorklund on Trummor Willy Wong on Tenor Saxophone. Maltida Lidberg -dancer. The group is based in Göteborg,Sweden and also the group is the only Afro Fusion Multicuratural band in the whole of Europe.


They are professional musicians and their demand is rising fast as everyone who loves afro beat demands for the performances, Each member of the band loves Late Fela Kuti Music and Okes Masima kind of Afro beat is originally from Nigeria ,Okes Masima on his own contribution has proclaimed afro beat as the music of truth with rhythm of jazz,funk,house,soul and african percussion,their kind of Afro beat is( Afro fusion). Okes Masima is a multi-talented song writer,instrumentalist, his songs and video which is titlled 'Tribute to fela' a Masterpiece to hear was produced in Nigeria and Master in Sweden. He travelled Nigeria to visit the new afrobeat king in Nigeria-Femi Kuti and the Senior daugther of Late Fela Kuti--Yeni,it was a day to remember. I was highly welcomed,I presented to the family of kuti a flex of the 11th Rememberance of the death of the Late Fela Kuti. and to perform at the years 'Rememberance day of late fela kuti' the occasion was covered by the Silver Bird Television,The Guadian Newspaper and other private T.V and newspaper


Okes Masima stated:

l created my kind of Afrobeat which is called AFROFUSION BEAT in the year 2000 in Lagos ,Nigeriamy music is blended with jazz,funk,house,soul and african percussion,thou it's still under afrobeat genre, but on a danceable tune,still the message is passed across. People these days wants to move their body while they listen to music,my music is for the government,masses,old and young,My songs are basically advise songs like telling the government on how to make life easy for the masses like one of my songs that says anything u do ur neighbour somebody will do u back, the masses also should love their neighbours,cos one day they might be up there. The problem is not only on government,the masses should work things out too below,for the government on top make life easy for the poor.these are what my music speaks about you should expect rythm,truth,Love,Liberty and dance beat,e.t.c


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