Mar 10, 2013

From France: ANerGy Afrobeat

The group ANerGy Afrobeat was born in February 2008 with the love of soul, vaudoo jazz, funk and African rhythms, all of which allow them to visit this fascinating rhythm, spirit and magic. .

Make music that brings people, removes cultural barriers, mixing tastes and styles is the leitmotiv of the group.

ANerGy claims to naturally Fela Kuti - the brilliant creator of Afrobeat, while placing it in the current context, by the freshness of the sound and content of texts activists.

The atavistic energy, full of music transcends their hypnotic rhythms and syncopated electrify the crowd of fans and new audiences who discover this machine dancing out of nowhere.

The group opted for the Yoruba language - its leader, the pidgin - English Creole spoken in English speaking countries of Africa and French.

The big band revisits an Afrobeat that is more free in his tone, sometimes surreal in its creativity, while promoting the positive values of cultural interferences.

ANerGy, as its name suggests is a hotbed of positive energy that leads to trance. It is also a movement: rhythm and body consciousness.

They have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with international artists such as Tony Allen, Seun Kuti, Ebo Taylor, Keziah Jones ...


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