Mar 9, 2013

From France: Opposite Afrobeat Band

Opposite Afrobeat Orchestra Band was founded in Paris in 2008.

The Afrobeat music is a hybrid resulting from the fusion of rhythms meeting Yoruba, jazz, high life, the juju, soul, funk, and rock. Fela Kuti had made a weapon against the military junta that controlled Nigeria at the time and a great dance machine and propagate ideas panafricanists. Today, Afrobeat is played around the world, offering new paths to clear and accompanies these struggles without borders.

Bringing together a dozen musicians to various influences, the collective Opposite Afrobeat Band is the result of meetings about the taste of trance music from here and elsewhere. Fueled by the refusal of any form of bondage, alienation and corruption, their compositions flirt with the Man and Nature in all Liberty.

Opposite Afrobeat African Movement

Opposite Afrobeat band | Myspace Music Videos

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