Apr 9, 2013

From Spain: Eskorzo Afrobeat Experience

Talking about Eskorzo is talking of debauchery. Their incendiary blend of danceable rhythms: rock, reggae, funk, soul, Balkan rhythms, Mediterranean, ska or tango makes them one of the most emblematic of bands on Spanish "latino" and world music scene. From now you can also associate their name to the syncopated beats of the heart of Africa.

Coincidences, or perhaps fate, 2012 has been a year of celebrations for the band as proves the launch of their fifth album "El Encanto de lo Irreverente, 15 años en directo" (translation: The Charm of the Irreverent, 15 years on stage") (CD + DVD). Just the same year which marks 15 years without Fela Kuti, revolutionary musician, creator of afrobeat, Pan-Africanist, African cultural icon and international star. A source of inspiration for musicians and music workers, whose legacy continues to spread like wildfire ...

A gunpowder that has finally soaked into the souls of this band from Granada (Spain), exploding under the name of ESKORZO AFROBEAT EXPERIENCE, a 100% Afrobeat adventure!

The wick that ignite this new side project was after Afrobeat Project cultural association and Enlace Funk magazine proposed them to record a cover Fela´s "Roforofo Fight" for their album "Music is the Soul of the Future: A Tribute to Fela From Spanish Bands". Like an addictive therapy, Afrobeat´s hypnotic rhythms have been seizing band members with an increasing passion. So much so that they have created a new repertoire of Afrobeat covers of all-time radio hits soon to be available in the audience´s hands.

In March 4th 2013, ESKORZO AFROBEAT EXPERIENCE present their first work with a 4-track EP, which will be available exclusively on vinyl and digital formats. No gimmicks, raw and rooted, this EP will show all the energy lived in the studio as songs are recorded live. A release which will include a making-of the best studio moments.

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  1. i am a great fan of
    afro beat music . i am very glad that it is available in vinyl and digital formats. thanks for posting that.....