Apr 29, 2013

The Apagya Show Band - Unreleased LP 1973/74


Apagya Show Band – unreleased Essiebons LP of the No.1 “Afro Band” of the 1970s in Ghana, ft. Ebo Taylor, Gyedu Blay-Ambolley, Bob Pinodo, “the Showmaster of Ghana”, and Ebo Dadson on sax. Compulsory!


01. Kwaakwa (03:51)
02. Kusi Na Se Bo (03:65)
03. I'm Black (03:54)
04. Serwa Brakatu (04:03)
05. Wana Na Koko (04:10)
06. Ma Nesrew Me (04:03)
07. Abotare (04:01)
08. Kyekyer Pe Awa (05:01)
09. Peace and Love (04:34)
10. Mumude (03:13)
11. Dofo Nye Ekyir (04:10)
12. Nsamanfo BabyBaby (04:52)
13. Kweku Ananse (03:32)


  1. I'd buy this record if I could, but the link for the website is no longer. Would it be possible to upload it?

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Unfortunately I also missed the chance to buy that album on the website and therefore no chance to share it ... would also love to have it ...

  2. I heard it once online a few years back, I just remember that there ware a few killer track on it, including Peace and Love.

    If someone has it, for God sake share it.

    Thanks in advance