Jul 5, 2013

Freedom Family ‎– P.T.O. (Update: get it!!!)

Most people don't know that The Freedom Family in fact was Geraldo Pino's backing band on both his LPs on Nigerian EMI. The band originated in Ghana where Pino picked them up in the early 70s and took them to Nigeria to do some heavy touring and to record his two first LPs. At some point, Pino and the band split up, the Freedom Family was formed and this record was recorded at the EMI studios in Lagos. The band went back to Ghana, brought the master tapes with them and had the record pressed up in their homeland. Nowadays, this record is very, very rare.

Unfortunately, I also do not own it but if someone has a digital copy, please contact me! 
- Thanx to ReeBee

- Download link deleted -

out of respect for Mr. Frank "Voodoofunk" Gossner, check out here: Freedom Family album out now

Prices of this item at auctions can be found @ popsike.com


A1 Lala Lili (Happy Song)
A2 Life
A3 Holly Worshipping
A4 Good Times
B1 Ayentsoo (Woman)
B2 Love Affair
B3 Yensuro (No Fears)
B4 Lover's Garden
B5 The Last Thing


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  2. Thanks man, really appreciate you taking the link down without me even asking! Feel free to embed the two full length tracks I posted up on https://soundcloud.com/voodoo-funk

    1. You're welcome, really appreciate your work and therefore, downloads of official albums should not be available ...

      Hope for further releases ...