Jul 11, 2013

The voodoo funk specialist runs through his favorite gems ...

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What happened for you in 2010?

Went on a long digging trip to Ghana and Nigeria. Released the Lagos Disco Inferno compilation. Did two club tours in Europe. Took my wife on a 12,000 mile road trip all across the US. Put out the Psychedelic Aliens album.

Top ten discoveries of 2010:

Orchestre Abass “Haka Dunia” b/w “Operation Bye Bye” 7-inch (Polydor)
“I found this incredible double-sided assault of an African funk 45 on my last trip to Ghana and I simply couldn’t believe how raw and aggressive this thing sounded. It’s almost scary.”

Apostles “Onye Akpa” b/w “Oshi Onwu” 7-inch (BEN)
“Another double-sided killer. These are the heaviest recordings by this band and since I brought this back from a ridiculous warehouse find in south eastern Nigeria, I’ve pretty much played it every chance I got—one side after the other.”

Orlando Julius and His Afrosounders Orlando Julius and His Afrosounders (Philips)
“Nobody I spoke to had ever heard about this record that Orlando had recorded at Ginger Baker’s ARC studio. The production is incredible. All of the tracks are strong and some are funked-up versions of tracks he had released earlier, but from a funk or Afrobeat perspective, this LP stands out as Orlando’s heaviest work. A reissue is already being pressed as I type this.”

Masisi Asamba (JBC)
“Great LP with an excellent and hypnotic Afrobeat track (‘Uchum’), some super catchy, fuzzed-out rock (‘Egwu Anyi’), and a solid funk tune (‘Mama Thought Me to Say Hello’).”

Cannot find anything, if someone has this, please contact me!

Black Masters Band – white label promo LP (Essiebons)
“Solid highlife album with a super funky track titled ‘Wonnim a Bisa.’ I have no idea if this ever got issued.”

Foundars Fifteen Fire Woman (NEMI)
“I know, there’s a lot of stuff being called ‘African psych’ these days, but there’s no doubt that this record has some seriously mind-expanding qualities. ‘Don’t Take Me for a Ride’ mesmerized dance floors across Europe on my DJ tour last November.”

The Foundars 15 - Fire Woman - album cover

PSK Disco Season (Jeantos Enter)
“Completely mind-blowing and intoxicating Nigerian disco record on a never before seen private label. ‘Spell Bound’ is the tune that always works its magic.”


Essama and His Group Essama and His Group (Afrodisia)
“The horn section includes Fred Fisher and Tunde Williams. ‘Love is Sweet’ talks about sexy bottoms over massive drums and some otherworldly keyboards. I can’t get enough of this.”

 Cannot find anything, if someone has this, please contact me!

 Livy Ekemezie Friday Night (Linic Major)
“This LP is full of winners. My personal favorites are ‘Delectation,’ ‘Get it Down,’ and ‘Holiday Action’—all of which have to be counted as some of the strongest Nigerian boogie-funk titles ever to be recorded. The entire album just oozes attitude, it’s funky enough to knock you straight to the ground, and seems to charge up the atmosphere with sex and excitement every time you drop the needle on it. No, I’m serious!”


W. Roy and the Rational Men W. Roy and the Rational Men (ACB Sounds)
“Usually I’m way too passionately anti-religious to get into any gospel-funk-type material, but ‘Christian Community’ almost makes me want to reconsider my heathen ways.”

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