Aug 27, 2013

Embryo - Africa

Embryo is a musical collective from Munich which has been active since 1969, although its story started in the mid-1950s in Hof, Germany where Christian Burchard and Dieter Serfas met for the first time at the age of 10. It was one of the most important German jazz-rock bands during the 1970s and has also been described as "the most eclectic" of the Krautrock bands. 

Always trying something new, the next big Embryo adventure was a tour via Turkey through to Egypt, and later a tour through Africa. "AFRICA" documents these projects with an exceptionally wide variety of musics.



A1. Djangedi (3:09)
A2. Sango (4:15)
A3. Mao in Afrique (part 1) (2:13)
A4. Mao in Afrique (part 2) (3:52)
A5. Konga (2:40)
A6. Yulius' song (1:54)
B1. Dun Dun mix (5:46)
B2. Bush (1:55)
B3. Wole Alade (3:04)
B4. Lagune Musik (7:27)
B5. Crossriver xylophone (1:55)

Line-up / Musicians
- James Adesumole / trap drums (b4/5)
- Ayantunti Amoo / dun dun & bata drums (b4/5)
- Lamidi Ayankunle / yoruba drums, voice (side a, b2) bata drum & vocals (b1/4/5)
- Christian Burchard / percussion, vibes, marimba, cymbal, voice (side a, b1/2/4/5)
- Yomi Fawole / vocals, dun dun drum (b1)
- Andy Ade Frankel / dun dun bata (a2/3)
- Yulius Golombeck / guitar, voice, percussion (side a, b1/2)
- Gerald Hartwig / bass, voice, Yoruba percussion (side a, b1/2), tavil (b4/5)
- Edgar Hofmann / saxophone, violin, flute (side a, b1/2)
- Daniel Koranteng / conga (b4/5)
- Mbayo / voice, dun dun drum (a4)
- Ede Nwigwe / xylophone (b4/5)
- Amos Oguntokun / bata drum (b4/5)
- Ademola Olayiwola / bells, bata drum (b4/5)
- Muraina Oyelami / lead dun dun drum, lead vocals (b1)
- Adeleke Sangoyoyin / dun dun drum (b1)
- Dieter Serfas / drums (side a, b2)
- Peter Serfas / electronic drums (side a)

Afro Linkage Ensemble (b3):
- Kumle Ajayi / bass
- Wole Alade / Alto saxophone, flute (+b4)
- Deji Olaopa / piano
- Wale Popoola / drums
- Ayobami Thomas / percussion
- Melo Yremkye / guitars

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