Aug 6, 2013

Ethiopian Modern Instrumentals hits

Mad grooves from the Ethiopian scene of the 70s -- featuring work by the enigmatic Mulatu, plus some of the other extra-cool artists on that country's groundbreaking soul and funk scene! Mulatu plays Fender Rhodes and organ on his tracks -- grooving with a slow, snakey approach that's almost a bit like the work of Sun Ra, but which also has distinct African touches. The sound here is quite different than the Nigerian funky work of the 70s -- much more laidback and open-ended, with less American influences, and a really unique approach! Titles include ''Yekermo Se'', ''Yegele Tezeta'', ''Munaye'', ''Metche Dershe'', ''Kasalefkut Hulu'', and ''Tezeta'' by Mulatu Astatque, ''Heywete'' and ''Bemgnot Alnorem'' by Bahta Gebre Heywet, and ''Yetesfa Tezeta'' by Tesfa-Maryam Kidane. Vinyl release of tracks pulled from the Ethiopiques CD-only series, done with some good notes.


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