Sep 5, 2013

Embryo & Yoruba Dun Dun Orchester Feat. Muraina Oyelami

This album documents the Nigerian musicians’ first visit to Germany and simultaneously shows how EMBRYO (which probably deserves to be recognized as the creator of the “World Music” concept) was already working with the idea of “world music” in the early 1980s. Authentic Yoruba drumming and traditional texts (movingly interpreted by Chief Muraina OYELAMI) beautifully occupy the foreground, while EMBRYO provides a connection to a progressively faster paced “Here and Now” with spacey sax (Edgar Hofmann) and equally spacey guitar (Yulius Golombeck) sounds. 


01. Welt-AB-Originale 3:05
02. Aye-Aye 5:41
03. Bata Solo 11:00
04. Mix III 3:26
05. Just Landed 2:47
06. Dun Dun-Solo I 3:51
07. Dschamilija 6:32
08. Dun-Dun-Solo 3:37
09. A-Ara-E-Che-Kalo 6:43

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