Sep 11, 2013

Esbee Family – Chics and Chicken (get it!)

Holy shit. First of all, this record is called Chics and Chicken. Second of all, the cover is three women sharing a plate of chicken. This is one of those rare finds where the cover is so incredibly awesome that you’re praying for the music to be as good, and it turns out the music is BETTER than you wanted it to be. This is some seriously bumpin’ African boogie disco from Esbee Family, a Nigerian boogie funk group from the early 80s (I think?). I can’t find much information on this record but shit I love it. I can’t really find a good scan of the cover either, and don’t have a digital camera or a mac with photobooth with which to take a picture. There are some cool moog sounds and 1980 drumz, funky geetar, and generally everything you’d expect from a disco record called Chics and Chicken. The pressing I found is a bit off center so it kind of sounds warped sometimes one the first side, but to be honest, I think it makes it sound better. Especially the closer it gets to the center it just sounds more and more demented, like someone filtered it through a fucked up LFO. Pretty awesome. The B side isn’t pressed incorrectly though, so those tracks sound “better.” That being said, not every track is the best ever, but I’ll Give You Love (the opener on the A Side) is super awesome as well as the title track which opens the B Side.


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