Mar 27, 2014

From Brazil: I.F.Á. Afrobeat

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  1. I.F.Á are the acronyms of ( Ijexá. Funk . Afrobeat ) three rhythms that represent the atlantic triangle between the coastlines of Africa and the Americas , southern and northern . taking the Caribbean as heartbeat, are part of the great rhythmic risoma generated by the immense cultural legacy of the African diaspora , the IFA has the hometown Salvador ( Brazil's first capital ) current capital of the Brazilian state of Bahia . the black rome , as is known , the city where almost 80 % of the population is african - descendant and where social inequalities are outrageous ! This is where we send messages of gratitude back to the black continent. reestablishing the bridge between Brazil and Africa through music . the I, F.Á finalize in the second half of 2014 an EP of 5 tracks , recorded with Nigerian singer , born in Lagos , Veronny Odili . The Ifa follows its instrumental sound and video for " suffer " is an example of the sound that we're playing at the moment. we welcome and appreciate this blog and all afrobeats bands that carry the message of Fela kuti , Tonny Allen and many other African teachers . I.F.Á afrobeat ! Axé !