Jun 9, 2011

Fire Tongue - Spiritual Afrobeat

SPIRITUAL AFROBEAT by Fire Tongue Keep on moving Africa ! I will keep pushing African contemporary music to make you realize how rich and diverse it is. I am trying to connect the African traditional man, the African rock man, the African blues man, the African funky man, all the African lovers and welcome the newcomers. I am driven by a spirit of renovation to find a new language turned towards Africa’s future and mordernity. Spiritual Afrobeat is a mix of live music and electronic sound effects. Crazy tempos, melodies and grooves going all over, sometimes saturated, but with a little mind of control for the listener. I mix contagious melodies and beats, dropping them all along the songs with some special effects, to take you to the Afro-Live-Spiritual-Lounge experience. All songs recorded in May 2006 at Penny Lane Studio in Paris, except for songs 1, 2 and 8 recorded at my home studio in Paris in 2007 and 2008.

The Afrobeat music, created by Fela Kuti, is the Africans protest music. FireTongue represents Afrobeat’s new generation, the new African sound. Creating an Afrobeat and electronic music fusion, Firetongue’s fight is for modernity in a continent where there’s no technology. Through his strong social-committed lyrics and his high sophisticated sound, he creates a journey from traditional culture to the new high-tech world with beautiful melodies and crazy tempos.

He has become an international reference in today’s African music, two Wagram Afro compilations present his music among artists like Fela Kuti, etc. He is launching his 3rd album « Spiritual Afrobeat » which is already a must have in Myspace.

His lasts concerts at The Nouveau Casino and La Bellevilloise in Paris made the audience enter an afro-tech transe leaded by his powerful voice and the social and politic message that comes out from his songs.



01. Keep On Moving
02. Remember Africans
03. Je Le Sais Tres Bien
04. Pure Music
05. Praise Da Name
06. No Smoke Without Fire
07. I Sing for Your Happiness
08. Don't Give Up
09. Janetika
10. The Lord By My Side
11. Remember Africans (Full Version)

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