Jun 14, 2011

From Guinea: Super Boiro Band - Niaissa & Sa Trompette

On 28 September 1958, the French government held a referendum on a new constitution. The colonies of the French colonial empire – except Algeria, which was legally a direct part of France – were given the choice between immediate independence or retaining their colonial status. Guinea chose independence, the only colony to do so. Thus, Guinea became the first French African colony to gain independence, on October 2nd 1958.

The first state orchestra to form after the country’s independence was Orchestré de la Garde Républicaine. Under the new government’s Authenticité policy, the group was “instructed to drop their European march tunes for music befitting the new nation”. The orchestra eventually split into two groups – Orchestré de la Garde Républicaine 1ère and Orchestré de la Garde Républicaine 2ème – whose only recorded output was a split album released in 1967. Orchestré de la Garde Républicaine 1ère later changed their name to Super Boiro Band.

The band took their name from the Camp Boiro prison, where may of the members had been guards. Members of the band included trumpeter and manger Mamadou Niaissa, vocalist Sane Camara and guitarists Karan Mady Diawara and Mamady Kouyaté. Mamady Kouyaté would later go on to resurrect Bembeya Jazz in the 1990s, and recently he formed Mamady Kouyaté & The Ambassadors.

Super Boiro Band’s first album was released in 1972, and their first single was released the following year. They released two more singles as well as their second album in 1975, and one more album in 1976 as well as appearing on the compilations Discothèque 73, Discothèque 74 and Discothèque 75. The band later changed their name to Super Flambeau, but never released any recordings. The single featured here was the last single that Syliphone released.



01. Mariama (tentemba) 7.45
02. P.D.G. (bolon-rumba) 3.45
03. Kankou (yankadi) 4.38
04. Donsoke (soko-son) 4.32
05. Dioulou Maloyara (yankadi) 4.40
06. Yarabi Kani (rumba-guinée) 4.38
07. Singa (merengué) 3.02
08. Super Boiro Band (yankadi) 4.00
09. M'Ma Wouyama (merengué) 4.30
10. Sokho Yo (tentemba) 4.30


(1972) Niaissa & sa trompette. Syliphone. SLP 25. 33.3 rpm disc.
(1973) Dari nole / Sarangbe. Syliphone. SYL 552. 45 rpm disc.
(1974) So i si sa / N’tan gara. Syliphone. SYL 573. 45 rpm disc.
(1974) Sidiba / Touguie poti. Syliphone. SYL 574. 45 rpm disc.
(1975) Super Boiro Band. Syliphone. SLP 46. 33.3 rpm disc.
(1976) En super forme. Syliphone. SLP 58. 33.3 rpm disc.

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